Presidential Profile. The Alvin group college or university deck of Regents encourages nominations and software for all the rankings of chairman.

Presidential Profile. The Alvin group college or university deck of Regents encourages nominations and software for all the rankings of chairman.

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The Alvin society College deck of Regents invites nominations and apps for that place of president. The subsequent president will build on the great efforts of retiring ceo Dr. Christal M. Albrecht, who has served Alvin Community college or university since 2014. The positioning involves passion for the society along with purpose with the institution with an informed familiarity with the changing higher education outdoor. Alvin people college or university happens to be a public society college or university in Brazoria district, Florida. The school provides academic potential in staff training, academics, technological grounds, pornographic standard degree, and personal growth.

Alvin happens to be a wonderful town with simple inception dating back to 1845. Alvin was hidden amongst the busyness of Houston, together with the exotic shorelines belonging to the Nevada Gulf seashore. It easily provide guests big-city attractions with small-town welcome with simply around an hours hard drive within the Kemah Boardwalk, room Center Houston, the downtown area Houston, and Galveston.

Pro and Suggested Skills

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The winning applicant will be a good and effective scholastic commander who has got eyes, clear proper looks, and a proven ability to turn an emerging, intricate company. Best choice is a visionary and entrepreneurial chief who encourages esteem and depend on, both within and outside Alvin area university and who’ll be amazing communicator and representative who is able to advocate with respect to the College.

Moreover, perfect candidate need to have all of the following professional criteria and personal feature:

For more information on Alvin group institution along with Presidential Search steps, remember to view the linked post.


Earnings might be competitive and commensurate with background and enjoy.

Tips Apply

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Kindly strong question, nominations, and program ingredients to:

Alvin group school was the same options institution and doesn’t separate against anyone on such basis as rush, faith, design, intercourse, maternity, gender collateral, sexual alignment, parental position, national foundation, years, disability, group medical history or genetic critical information, constitutional organization, armed forces program or veteran’s level.

Contact Contact Information


Greenwood/Asher & Colleagues Betty Turner Asher, Mate and Vice-president | Itza Walters, Exec Browse Professional Email

Kindly drive queries, nominations, and application content towards email addresses above.

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