About Us


The damp & rot company

We’re a small local business based in Newcastle and operating in the North East. We work with individuals and organisations large and small, and always offer the same high quality service every time!

Every time you work with us we strive to provide you with the best service possible to help ensure that damp & rot is removed swiftly and safely.

We remove damp, get rid of rot and prevent future risks…which gives you peace of mind.

We will always offer you the highest quality, professional service no matter the size of the job.

To all home buyers and commercial customers.

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we can provide damp checks for your properties

home buyers:

If you are someone who is purchasing a home, we can provide a damp, timber and wall tie check to ensure your home is damp free and compliant with laws and regulations.

commercial properties

If you are a business we can provide damp, timber and wall tie checks to ensure the commercial property does not have damp that could affect your business.


preserving the past
the future

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some of our work

over our 40 year of operation we have a wide variety of work we have completed and have a vast experience working in homes, commercial buildings and more.
we often work with the likes of: the average home owner, reputable architects , local authorities, schools, restaurants, bars, offices and much more!